Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guaymas, Mexico October 25

Another super awesome week!!!! Thursday president came down to Guaymas to have interviews with us. It went really well and he also brought the packages you sent!!!!!! Thank you so much!! All the candy and toys and tatoos and the towels and the pillow cases (did you make them?), the socks, peanut butter, oatmeal, the pictures, everything was so awesome! It made me so happy opening those. thank you bunch a bunch a bunch a bunch!!!!
Phew! well this week has been awesome. Nohemy´s baptism was great and the start to a ton of success that we´re going to be having over the next couple weeks! We had a couple members there and it was a really good experience. After they invited us to their jungle to eat dinner. It was awesome. jaja This week has been really busy and we have walked i´m pretty sure a million miles. But its been really good. All our investigators are progressing and we´ve picked up some new ones again. But they´ve all been kind of flaky and none of them showed up to church yesterday. But its ok because there´s always more people who are ready to receive this message. Yesterday at church we had Nohemy and her husband Franisco. He´s getting baptized on Friday because Saturday the stake is all going to the temple in Hermosillo and Nohemy is going too!!!!! So sweet!!! But so she wanted the baptism Friday so she could be there since she´ll be gone all day saturday. At church we also had Rosario, her daugther in law Angelica, and her son Carlos. We didn´t have a ton of people, but its ok. We´re working and people are progressing so all is well. We should also be having Rosario´s baptism this Saturday and Angelica and Carlos´s the next saturday. But we´re not sure with them because Angelica´s husband Carlos wants to get baptized with them too but he has to work every sunday and can´t come to church. They have all been reading the book of mormon and praying together and are super ready for baptism but its the dumb chamba!!! Ah! We´re going to keep working with them though and pray for a miracle to be able to change his schedule.
This week we also got a referral of this lady named Karla and her daughter Rebecca. We went over Thursday and taught a short lesson. They were super into it and at the end we invited them to be baptized and they accepted!!! They´re on date for the 6th of Nov. They´ve already gone to church twice but in another ward. But they said this next week they´ll start coming to our ward since they now live in our area and then the week after is their baptism! So sweet!
Also remember Andres and Irene Ramirez?? Last night we decided to go have a short visit with them. We ended up teaching about baptism again and it was a super spiritual experience. We asked them what was holding them back from taking this step and they said nothing really. So we asked so why not take this step? And Andres told us he wanted to learn more about baptism. We told him we have taught him pretty much everything but decided to just show him a picture of someone getting baptized. When he saw it he said, oh thats how its done? jaja!!! we had explained before we get baptized like Jesus but for some reason when they saw that picture they weren´t as afraid of the commitment anymore. So we explained a little bit more how the service goes and then invited them to be baptized. They both said yes and they´re on date for the 6th of Nov as well!!!! So sweet!!!
We weren´t able to meet with Arturo at all this week. He´s always super busy with work and is gone. We feel so bad for him. It´s hard to be a single dad especially here in Mexico. His kids pretty much stay full time at their grandma´s and we can never find a time when they´re all home together. But we´re going to keep trying and hope things work out for the best.
We have a couple other investigators as well right now but they´re all the flaky ones. jaja but i´ll let you know when they start progressing. but that´s pretty much it as far as the work goes! It´s been so fun and we have been incredibly blessed!
Thank you so much your emails and all the picutres!!! and again for the packages!!! best day ever! i loved the the newsletter of all my friends and the pictures. Let me know the next time they do a newsletter so i can write something personal to all of them. but it was so awesome to read all their expierences.
Now. Really quick. This may or may not change you attitude about me as your son and brother but I have to ask a very horrible question. What is dad´s, mom´s, and Shayla´s birthdays?... I know the general days but not the exact date. You don´t have to write me anymore if you want. jaja
Well your week has been crazy!! Thanks for the email Matthew. Scout camp sounded super awesome! I´m way jealous. And of the Mayan restaurant and Maple Garden´s too. A lot of fun stuff happening this time of year!! I love hearing about your weeks and everything that you do. I feel kind of at home every time I read the emails. jaja
By the way tell Tate I love him and give him a big hug from me! How´s he doing? Is home weird for him?
To answer all you questions.. well real quick. I know jabon is soap mom... but everyone here talks about it like its a brand. jaja the real brand is called zote but everyone just calls it jabon. but its amazing. jaja but the questions. For breakfast and dinner I usually eat cereal and yogur. Sometimes tunafish, sometimes ramen, sometimes crackers. But usually stuff just really cheap and nice and plain and normal. For la comida always with members its really condimenty. Lots of weird stuff I´m not used to but it doesn´t taste bad so I can´t complain. The weirdest stuff I´ve had so far was probably minudo which is the cow stomach soup with so other weird vegetables and stuff. It was actually not bad but I´d never choose to eat it. jaja and the best thing i´ve had so far was probably la comida yesterday. We had cabeza tacos. Its the meat from a cow´s head and its super delicious. Kinda weird but its really tender and with onion and cilantro, salsa verde, and limón... AH!!! so delicious.
I only play piano in the primay. They have a youth that plays in sacrament, but I am teaching Elder Uribe music during the day. I have flash cards of notes and stuff and I quiz him during the day. jaja.
The english class yesterday was fun! Only 7 people showed up but we´re going to start having more. I taught me gusta. Things I like and how to say different verbs and stuff. It was really fun.
Halloween here is kind of the same as the united states. But its really different from the rest of Mexico, becuase Elder Uribe told me they celebrate day of the dead. But here its really American influenced. Real mexico has a holiday pretty much every month, but here they only celbrate a couple. So sad.
Our next conference is this Thursday! its with an area general authority. They´re always in Hermosillo though. I´m in the Guaymas zone, but conferences of any type are always in Hermosillo. So we´ll be traveling there again Thursday.
Well i think that was kind of everything. Oh one more thing real quick. With the christams present music, could you send some Christmas music too?
Thanks so much for the picutres and emails and packages and for all your love. Mexico is super awesome and its been so fun so far. The next couple weeks and months here are going to be even better. I love you guys super a lot. Keep having a fun week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
love you be safe and I´ll talk to you next week.

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