Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guaymas, Mexico November 8

So this week has been crazy for us and it sounds like it was pretty crazy for you guys too! Rachelle sorry about not making the part but mrs. pott´s sounds sweet!!! but personally i would vote for disneyland because vacations with family are way cooler jaja your week has sounded way sweet though! its so weird that chase and tate are home now! but dad. make hunter leave. don´t let him go another semester at school. Reassign the mission cuz it really doesn´t matter where you´re at. jaja seriously. Hunter read this and go on a mission!!! you can get reassigned stateside or something and get a car, but do anything you can to go. The mission is amazing. Every day I see a miracle and the opportunity to see people change in their families is the best thing in the world. Don´t wait because we need to kick it when i get home. I don´t want to wait a year for you to come home because of you stupid ankle. I love you and go on a mission.
And tell Jarom too that I sent him a letter. But tell him if he doesn´t get it in the next couple weeks to write me something. Oh and the address to send stuff is
Elder Eric M Florence
Av. García Conde #301
Col. Pitic
Hermosillo, Sonora
C.P. 83150
That´s the address to send everything to always. But tell Jarom for now that i love him and then i´m having the best time ever here in Mexico!!!
Lets see what else??... Oh the baptism this weekend with Rosario was awesome. To answer your questions ya we have a font in the chapel here in Bahia. But its super small and its in the tiny kitchen. We do have members but usually only 4 or 5 including the bishop and the ward mission leader. The services are a lot different than Utah but it´s ok because its the same baptism!
  Andres and Irene were really sick this week. Everyone here has been getting super super sick!!! But so their baptism fell through and so did Angelica and her son Carlos. But they commited seguro last night with us and she said this week she was going to completely stop with coffee. She changed completely this week and is totally into working towards this baptism now. Also last night we invited her daughter to join in and she wants to start coming to church too. So sweet!!
We´re hoping we can visit andres and irene this week and have their baptism this saturday. so pray they get better!!
This week we also put a bunch of baptismal dates but all of them didn´t come to church yesterday!! But two other new people came and we´re going to go visit them this week! Miracles happen in different ways and not always in the way we think. We just have to trust the lord and find his children that are ready. We´ve really seen this week how the lord prepares people, especially with Angelica. This week she also gave us a reference of her friend. Wednesday we had exchanges and Elder Uribe went to another area and I stayed in ours with Elder Avila. I was super nervous because I had to be the senior companino and work our area the whole day with my little spanish. But the day went super good. We taught 3 lessons and contacted like 18 people!! That night I also felt prompted to stop by this reference Angelica gave us. We started talking to them for a while and I felt prompted to ask what she wanted most in her life right now. She started crying and told us and her problems in her family. I explained how the gospel could help and we committed them to baptism!!! It was so awesome. That´s probably been one of my favorite parts besides seeing people change. It´s being able to feel and see the guidance of the spirit. They didn´t come to church yesterday but it´s because they had to vistit her sick sister in Empalme. But they want to come and Angelica even told us she wants to come to the lessons with them after her baptism!! So sweet! Just little things like that, that happen all the time. The people the Lord leads us to everyday.
Last night we also found out the the daughter of Nohemy that we´ve been teaching, her husbandfinally came home. He´s a fisher and has been gone for like four weeks. But he´s finally home now and so we´re going to start teaching them too and they´re super interested in everything. Especially since their parents just got baptized. It´s been amazing to see all the changes in this area this week. It´s been hard and a lot of work but it´s totally worth it.
Well that was pretty much the week! My first experience having to work an area, lots of miracles, and a baptism!!! Shweet!!
Ok so about the other stuff. Sarah is engaged!¿?¿?!! i saw it comin but wow jaja. tell her congrats if you ever see her and tell her to shoot me a letter cuz i told her if she gets engaged while i´m gone i have to approve first. And tell Alex congrats too!! thats super awesome. It´s the season of love there in Utah right now i guess. jaja
We did hear about the earthquake butwe didn´t feel anything. Everyone thought a giant tsunami was going to come but nothing happened. jaja but ya it is getting a lot colder here!! during the day its pretty hot still but at night time it feels really good. Elder Uribe is really cold but it feels so good from all the hot always. I don´t think I´ll buy a sweater  unless I get really cold, but in the house we have a blanket so I´ll be good for a while.
I think thats everything... Spanish is coming along a lot better, i was able to understand about 74.3% of the junta,  and the work here is awesome. Have another awesome crazy fun week and I love you guys a whole bunch!!

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  1. I love Eric's use of "ja ja ja". It makes me smile.