Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guaymas, Mexico November 1

Franciso got baptized!!! It was so awesome. I got to do the baptism and it was super super awesome! Noehmy went to the temple on Saturday too and did baptisms and confirmations. She has changed so much and is totally all in now. jaja she told us last night that she marks her ¨bible¨ which is actually the book of mormon, jaja but she reads it every day and marks it and shares her favorite parts with Francisco. Its been so awesome to see them progress and change. Francisco after his confirmation yesterday felt ´nervous´he said. We had a visit with him last night and he said he was nervous and sad because he didn´t feel super different. He said that afternoon he had a lot of problems with his moto and the water at their house and he asked us why he was having these hard things and difficulties. we explained that this time is a test of faith and it was a really sweet talk with him. He´s super solid and just needed some encouragement. He even paid his tithing yesterday. I´m so excited for them.
This saturday we should have the baptisms of Rosario, her daughter in law Angelica and her son Carlos! Also the baptisms of Andres and Irene. But they´re not super super solid. This weekend Rosario was really sick and so was Andres! So they weren´t able to come to church. We´re kinda nervous that they´ll tell us they want to wait when we see them Tomorrow. So pray hard for them that they will be able to recover from this sickness and be ready for their baptisms. It would be so sweet to have all of them together on Saturday. So pray hard por favor.
This week was really busy so we didn´t have a ton of success in lessons and putting fechas. We had the junta in Hermosillo on Thursday and this weekend all our appointments cancelled. But its ok because all this is in the Lord´s hands. We were able to put 4 baptismal dates so I´ll let you know how these people work out. But it happens a lot here how we´ll teach a lesson and the people are really into it and feel the spirit and accept their fecha, but then when we go back to meet with them they´re completely disinterested. We´re trying to figure out how to change this, but don´t worry because we´re still having a ton of success. These new people that we have seem pretty solid so pray for them too. Ramon, Santa and her husband, and Cesar. They´re really good people but we need the Lord´s help to have them progress.
The junta in Hermosillo was pretty fun. Elder Tenorio of the seventy came and taught us a lot about faith and teaching skills. This mission here in Sonora is the second to worst baptizing mission in all of Mexico. But we´re going to change a lot of things. We just need more faith and more prayers! Elder Uribe and I have seen our area change so much and we know the mission can change as well. They changed the assitants and now its two americans. One from Utah and I´m not sure about the other. But they´re super awesome guys and I think these next couple months are going to be awesome as we apply these things we´ve been learning and see the changes!!
Well that was pretty much it for the week. By the way i just sent a letter to you guys so let me know when you get it. I hope Mexico is nice to this letter. jaja
well to answer these questions:
yes Rachelle we have a shower. but its the worst, well second to worst shower I´ve seen in my whole life. jaja when it actually has running water, the water is all electrified because it flows through an electric water heater. but the water heater is broken and only pours out cold water thats all shocky. so you have to rinse off closer to the ground so you don´t get electrified! jaja and a lot of other times we don´t have water because our pump breaks a lot so we have to shower a bunch with jugs. But its actually nicer that way becuase we can heat the water up! jaja but the worst shower i´ve seen was in the house of the elders in guaymas centro. Theirs has all the same problems as ours but its disgusting. at least we´ve cleaned ours. jaja ay ay ay
exchanges. we have exchanges about once every month. we´re going to have them this next week.
the new people in the district are two Mexicans, a new hermana, and a new zone leader. The zone leaders are both Americans, but the rest are Mexicans and then me. So ya I do get to speak English with them but they don´t like to speak in english / can´t jaja so very little english.
As far as the success in the other districts. its not very much... so pray we can start working harder!
Yes I have had more blisters. A ton actually. You should see my feet right now. They look like hobbit feet. They´re like bricks. jaja it´ll be interesting to see how my feet turn out after two years.
I have been sick once more with a cold. The temperature keeps changing like crazy here. It´s all super hot again!
Things i lvoe about elder uribe.. Well he works hard, he loves being a missionary, he´s a little weird, but always helps me with the things that i need. he´s awesome!!
About those church forms dad. I´m pretty sure they read over all of them yesterday. i´m not sure though. but this ward needs so much help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´ll ask elder uribe and we´ll figure it out because we have to do something to change this ward.
Christmas music. Yes i want cds to listen too. not piano music becuase we don´t have time every to play. But anything thats appropriate really... i also would love a lot of other church and efy and other music thats appropriate to listen to. A couple burned cds of random stuff would be awesome because there´s a member that can put them onto the ipod for me.
That´s insane for jordan!!! 250 dollars!!! sheesh. but yes i do have english scriptures and no i haven´t lsot anything. I´m super careful with all my stuff. But speaking of stolen. The Elders in Empalme got robbed 2 or 3 weeks ago in the middle of the night. One of the american elders there got his shoes, his camera, his watch, and a bunch of other stuff stolen. ay ay ay Mexico!!! jaja but i´ve been safe so far. Don´t worry at all. We only have one door and two windows and they´re covered with bars so no one can break in.
and.... oh!! no we can´t communicate live. I would like to but its against the rules here. It´s super strict with the rules right now becuase president wants to change the mission. it makes sense  and we are only going to receive more blessing if we´re obedient. so ya for now... we can only email.
well i think thats it... I love you guys! I´m glad Halloween was awesome and Shayla won the contest!! felicidades!!! jaja and Rachelle exito in your audition. You´ll do great!!! Let me know how it went. Les amo mucho y tengan una buena semana. Cuidense mucho. Elder Florence

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