Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And it begins

This week has been a wonderful whirlwind of amazing activities.  Sunday morning started as Grandpa and Grandma Packard joining us at church to listen to Eric speak in sacrament meeting.  The chapel and both overflows were full as many friends and most of the family joined us to support Eric.  Rachel and I were asked to give the prayers in sacrament meeting and Rachelle was one of the youth speakers.  She gave a great talk on the blessings of the Book of Mormon.  Eric gave a great talk on missionary work and what he feels are the best things to do to for the young men to prepare themselves.  He had spent many hours preparing and gave a great talk, but only left the final speaker about five minutes, but she adapted her talk very well.

The family all came to our home to have an amazing Mexican fiesta.  Aunt Ann had put together all the recipes and made assignments, so that we had lots of chips and salsa, burritos, and taco salads.  We also had the pina colada slushy and birthday cake, because it was Grandma Packards birthday.  Later Sunday evening, 25 of Eric's friends came over for a continuation of the fiesta.  After having these kids over to our home multiple times a week for the past 4-5 years, it was sad to see them gathered together for one last time.  These great friends have been a great blessing in our lives.

Monday, the kids had a piano recital where Rachelle performed a right handed piece with her teacher, Savannah did a great job on her piece, and Eric joined Matthew playing a very dynamic piece.

Tuesday, Eric was set apart by Pres. Burton who gave him a wonderful blessing and promised him many things if he is faithful and works hard.  Grandpa Florence and Pat joined us for this special occasion.  We all then went to dinner at Kobe and Eric had his favorite spider rolls.

Wednesday, we went  to breakfast and then drove to the MTC.  We stopped before we arrived to say our goodbyes, and then when we arrived we pulled up to the curb and two elders helped to get the luggage out of the car and then walked him to his room.  We are so excited for him to have this incredible opportunity and know that he will be awesome.