Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guaymas, Mexico October 4

So this week has been pretty crazy too. Not so crazy as the last one but still crazy... jaja On Wednesday we had exchanges and that was really cool. I went with one of the zone leaders and we did some serious work. Thursday we had a meeting all morning, and this weekend was conference. It was so good!!! We were able to watch all the sessions except Saturday afternoon. We had a lesson to go to but its ok! The talks were so good and I learned a ton of awesome things. So sweet!!! Thursday and Friday we picked up two new investigators we just found and put both of them on date. It was so awesome! First lesson they both accepted the baptismal interview. One is this older lady named Rosario, she´s having problems in her family and with her husband and was really interested in our message. President has asked us to start teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ first and put fechas (dates) the first lesson. So we did that, she felt the spirit, and accepted. We were hoping she´d come to conference this weekend but she wasn´t able to since she went out of town. But the other one is this mother named Nohelia who just got divorced and is living with her mom with her two kids. She was really interested too and again, gospel of Jesus Christ, invitation, and she accepted. It was super awesome!!! She wasn´t able to come to conference either but we´re hoping to get them to church Sunday. I´m starting to be able to teach and talk a lot. Spanish is really difficult but I feel little improvements every day. Learning a language is one of the biggest lessons in patience ever!!! But so Saturday we weren´t able to bring anyone to conference and Sunday morning Nohelia didn´t show up. But the afternoon session by a miracle the two people we were teaching before. Andres y Irene showed up!!! We had a baptism set up with him and everythin but it fell through. We were almost ready to drop them but they showed a little interest when we visited them this week and endede up showing up to conference. He´s been having health problems and his son is sick too. But he still came by bus to the stake center with his wife to watch conference. Afterwards we gave him a blessing and it was awesome! The afternoon session was perfect for them too. We´re hoping to baptize them this Saturday! The work is really picking up. We´re getting members to help us to put together a huge activity the 16th. We´re getting a lot of support and we´re hoping this picks up the members and some new investigadors too. jaja The first couple weeks of Mexico have been really hard but we´re starting to see success now and the Lord is really blessing us.
So this week has been great! More success, better health, a lot of good lessons learned and I´ve met a lot of cool people. We´ve set some good goals and everything just keeps on improving. The Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it.
So on Tuesday we ate with this family for la comida. We have it every day at 2 with a different member family. But so Tuesday we had minudo. I don´t know how to spell it but basically its cow stomach with weird plants and stuff and lots of chile. It was the most interesting lunch ever but I loved it! jaja We actually get a lot of good food here. It´s amazing how diverse the city is though. You can walk 15 min from a house with 5 children, one room, no beds, and dirt floors, to a house with 3 stories, 3 cars, flat screen tv´s, and everything else. Guaymas is a really rich area but also a really poor area. It´s cool coming to downtown though because its completely modern with sushi restaurants, papa johns, Burger bars, Abercrombie and Fitch, malls, wal marts, everything! But I like it better in our area. The people are more humble and willing to listen to our message. We sweat a lot more and are a lot more dirty but I like it.
So what else? Life here is just crazy and it seems normal so I don´t know what else to say. The work is going better, Mexico is cooling down kinda, conference was awesome...!! jaja by the way we do get the Liahona and we´re hoping to have a member burn us some CD´s of the sessions to listen to in the morning. Tell Spencer thanks for the article. Missionary work is a lot of work, but it´s not just being faithful and obedient. We have to actually be organized and figure out ways to do things better. That´s hard for a lot of the people here but we´re working on it! Thanks for email and for the rest of the articles. Listen to conference over and over and over again! I loved what... um... I forgot his name but he said how the living prophet is more important than the dead prophet. The messages this weekend have so many applications and have helped me a ton already. Also if you have time study 2 Nephi 31. Almost every talk was focused around that. The straight and narrow, repentence, faith, following Christ. It´s probably one of my favorite scriptures.
Well thats it for this week. Love you guys. Elder Florence