Monday, August 9, 2010

West Jordan August 2, 2010

Thanks so much for the package!!! It was so awesome! I got home about 915 and I see these people sitting on the front porch steps. Then I recognize aunt Jennifer and Sarah and this other guy. The green stuff was really funny! Thank you so much! And thanks a bunch for the bike too. We've been biking a lot and its a lot quicker than walking. The package and the letters were super great and it made my whole week. Thanks a bunch! I don't know if the card is working or not. I tried using it after I called the number to activate it and it said it was denied again. So i'm not sure. Is there money in the account now?
But ya I saw James the first day I was here at the temple. We go to the temple every week, but I didn't see him this last Wednesday. He got lucky and is in the spanish district in the other zone so I've only seen him once. But next time I do I'll get his number so you can call his mom.
Jarom got his visa!?!?! That's so awesome! When he gets to Brazil send me his address so I can write him. That's so cool though! We haven't heard anything yet and when I talked to James the first day I got here he had already been here for 4 weeks. So who knows maybe he's gone already. I'm hoping we get visas soon though. It's a ton of fun here in Salt Lake but I really want to go to Mexico. But thats awesome for Jarom!
Summer sounds super fun for everyone! (cute rhyme) How was the cabin? I'm sorry Shayla was sick. You need to stay healthy so you can have a fun rest of summer! There's only a few more weeks till school!! Oh no!!!! jaja no school is a lot of fun. We ate dinner at this family's house the other night and they had a little girl who reminded me of Shayla. She was really funny and she kept giving us directions on how to eat our food and which stories we could tell. jaja it was really funny!
Ya I am having Jordan download songs.. The rules are just nothing thats wrong in lyrics, beat, or mood or whatever. But it's just like the rest of missionary work so its up to our discretion. We have the choice to easily not wake up and work or to do a bunch of other wrong things. But don't worry I'm obeying all the rules and I'm only having Jordan download good music. How I feel is as long as the spirit can still be there its fine. It's a good rule for on and off the mission because we should always only participate in things that allow the spirit to be there. But speaking of Jordan! I got permission for him to come out and come teach and do work with us on Friday!!! We have two really cool appointments that day and hopefully some more so that'll be awesome. This is his last month at home! Time flies so quick!!!! If you think about it I'm basically coming home in a couple days, because Christmas always comes quick, then all of a sudden the snow is gone, then before you know school is out and its summer again. Then summer only lasts like a week because its so fun, then its basically Christmas again and then I'll be home in May. So when you step back and look at it that way... I'll be home probably tomorrow. jaja but I don't want it to go by that quick. It's been so much fun here so far! We haven't had a ton of success but we're still doing work. This week was hard because Elder Herrera was at training meetings all day everyday this week so Elder Richards and I were kind of lost as to what to do. But still went out and did a lot of work which was great! We're planning on picking up 3 to 4 new investigators this week so we're praying that it happens. We had two baptisms Saturday and two more coming up in the next 2 weeks, but we need to keep the teaching pools full too. It's hard to find people here though. A good percentage of the people baptized are always hooked up by members and stuff so when there's times like this where members are busy with summer and stuff its hard to find people to teach. But it just takes a ton of faith, obedience, and the spiritual sensitiviy to be able to find those that Heavenly Father has prepared for us. Missionary work is very similar to life when you think about it. As a parent you mission is to raise a good family and convert them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them see the right way to use their agency, and then as always obey the commandments and follow Christ. It's really cool!!!
So before I go I have a quick story about this guy we've found. A couple weeks ago Elder Richards and Herrera actually found this guy and just talked to him a little and gave him a book of mormon. So this week Elder Richards and I went to go see this guy again. The whole day had been rainy and everyone we went to see wasn't home. So we just decided to go see him before we went to a lesson we had planned. On our way over there I was soaking wet dirty with mud from the bike, but as we rolled up to his house I had this way cool feeling. We go to his driveway and he comes out right then. He had happened to get off work early which he said never happens. So we started talking to this guy and this guy is the craziest knowledgeable person I've ever met about the Bible. He was just telling all these insane stories and teaching us all these prinicples from the Bible that were completely correct. Like he was talking about how we were in the great apostasy and how all churches are false denominations and just kept going on with all these things that meshed exactly with our doctrine. It makes sense because the bible is the word of god too. He said he had been reading the book of mormon too but he hadn't started studying it yet because it was too small for him to read. So we just listened to him the whole time and bore a short testimony and just asked if we could come back sometime and teach him an organized lesson. (Hopefully this way he'll try to listen more jaja) But he agreed and we're going back Friday at 1 I think. SO COOL!!! Then later that night we thought of going to the DI and trying to find a large book of mormon. After looking we didn't find one but just as we were leaving I happened to see one in this random place! It was perfect! So we dropped it off to him Saturday night and asked him to read 3 Nephi 27. That's the short version but we're really excited for Friday because if the spirit is there he will feel the truth of the message and all the things he was telling us about will make sense. SO AWESOME!!!!!! But I gotta go. My companions are done with their email. Well I love you guys. Have a good week. Thanks so much again for the package!!!!!!!

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