Monday, August 9, 2010

West Jordan August 9, 2010

holy sweet letter from Jarom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds like the most awesomest craziest coolest missionariest expierences ever! I want to do that! Coming to Utah was just like, "Alright get off the bus, have fun". jaja so I'm definitely excited to get to Mexico and actually meet the mission president and speak spanish and stuff!! The consolate takes all of July off!!??!! in this economy!?!?! sheesh. jaja but thats ok, It should only be a couple more weeks here.
Then on Friday.... we didn't have any members to come on 3 lessons with us that day so I said in my brain, "hm. Jordan is a member, he's really close to here, I have his phone number...." So I called president (which was awkward because I don't even know who he is) and explained the situation and he said, "..... sure." thats it. jaja so Jordan was able to come down which was awesome!!! That morning we spent at a members home helping them clean out their basement. That's a whole notha story... holy goodness. Its a lady from peru married to this white guy who I think is crazy and it was just a very interesting expierence that morning. But then we ended up meeting with Jordan and started doing work. Two of our lessons that day fell through!! but we got one with Daniel, which was great. I don't know if I've told you about him but he's a Mexican 17 year old tattoo artist, and what they call here a 'dry mormon', 'just add water'. wow. jaja but he really is. he's super golden and he's getting baptized saturday! it's been so cool to see him progress and make decisions in his life that are constantly getting him closer to Heavenly Father. He's changed so much and he constantly has a these awesome questions that we'll sit there and answer for hours. jaja we love him.
So it sounds like your weeks have been great!!!! Rachelle EFY sounds amazing. I remember going the couple times and it was a lot of fun but the thing I regret is I never continued that expiernce. The purpose of EFY is to change how you do things in regular life. They probably told you that but keep studying hard and reading the book of mormon everyday. You can feel the spirit just as strong as you did at EFY everyday when you make sure you are trying to live as close to Jesus Christ as you can. Dad's told me how you've been doing an awesome job at the office too! keep it up! that's so awesome. One thing I never learned either is how to save money. Learn that now because its super important.
I loved all the stories about the cabin. I can't believe you caught so many fish!!!!! that's crazy! and shayla's was a foot long! holy gracious! I'm glad you all had a lot of fun and were safe there and didn't get smashed by a tree!
So did you ever get that package from John that I left at the MTC? that's what had all the shirts and books and stuff. i hope that didn't get lost.
Also I don't have my passport yet. The MTC or whoever still has it so I won't even get it until I go to Mexico.
I have all my bed stuff. Pillow cover, mattress cover, and a sheet. It works just fine and they're easy to wash thanks
So we're here at the west jordan library and its so dumb! They have all these computers and it kicks you off after 30 min now cuz so many people sign up to use them during the summer so we have to spend over an hour and a half just to do email!!!! its ridiculous!!! oh well...
So this week has been pretty good. We got a referral from the senior missionaries of this guy who just got out of prison. He read the book of mormon there and his mom is an innactive member so it was perfect. All our appointments have fallen through with him though so we're hoping this next week we'll be able to start teaching him and put him on date.
Then Tyler who is the really knowledgeable guy about the bible is really interesting too. Friday our appointment fell through with him but we ended up catching him on saturday. We talked for over an hour and a half!!!! all his beliefs come from the bible and so every doctrine is right in line with ours except authority. I don't know how, but when we were talking we started talking about authority and he doesn't believe we need people with authority. He believes his authority comes from Jesus Christ through his faith, which is true kinda... but I don't know. Its hard to talk to him because he knows so much and he doesn't want to accept anything besides his beliefs. So we ended with just bearing our testimonies and told him to specifically pray about the book of mormon and so we're hoping that'll work. We'll go by again sometime this week and see but after that meeting things didn't look good with him. He was so golden but I don't know. So pray for him I guess and us to be able to know what to say or do.
Then we're also working with this lady named Tanaya. She's super great and has had all the lessons but was dropped because she didn't want to do anything without her husband who is just a stubborn redneck. We met with her on Wednesday and had a really good discussion and told her that she doesn't need to worry about the book of mormon, or going to church, the only thing she needs to do right now is find out for herself if the book of mormon is true. I don't even think she had a testimony of it from the last elders!!! The work here is dumb in some ways because everyone cares about the numbers and so right after the baptisms they won't do any lessons with recent converts because it doesn't count towards the weekly progress. Its so dumb!!! They're not trying to help people, they're just trying to get numbers. That's probably why there are so many innactives here! They don't teach so people can get testimonies, they only teach so they can pass baptismal interview questions. Not all the elders do this, but a lot of them do. But anyways, so we have an appointment with Tanaya again Wednesday so pray for her too that she'll get that testimony she needs to make a decision.
Then we're also working with Lily still. She's the 10 year old with innactive parents. She's really good and reads the book of mormon kids version and everything but her parents don't take her to church! We've been working with members trying to get her to come but the members are kind of lazy too. One of the ladies in the primary presidency is good about it but she can't do it every week because she takes like 5 other kids too. so that's kind of rough. We had to move her baptism to september because she has to go to church 3 times or something like that.
We're working with a couple other people but nothing is really happening. Our work is pretty much stopped right now and besides Daniel no one is progressing. There just doesn't seem to be a ton of obedience and motivation here. I mean the elders are good and I shouldn't be talking bad about anyone but it could be so much better!!!!!! so we'll see.
The bike has been great though! thanks a lot for that. So you did get the pictures!?? It was funny that day. We offered to help earlier in the week and that morning we were busy with stuff and didn't have time to change so we went and helped poor cement in their yard in our missionary clothes. jaja it was fun.
Thanks again for the package and all the letters. It makes being on a mission easier when you have people supporting you. pray that i'll get my visa soon though! I want to get there so bad! Well have a good week! stay safe and everyone feel better. we've been here since 10 so I should probably get going. I love you guys keep having a good rest of the summer. I'll talk to you next week.

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