Monday, July 19, 2010

Last MTC letter

Hey remember when I got to talk to you guys on the phone!?!? ya that was awesome. I'm really sorry mom I didn't get to talk to you. I knew you had tabernacle choir but I only that day to call. I tried calling earlier before dinner but no one answered and I wasted 4 dollars on calls haha. But I tried!!! Thanks for the letter though! When I go to the airport I'll call you and I'll let you know what time before so you can all actually be home! but it was a nice short conversation. I am so excited for Salt Lake!!!!!!!!! The last district got reassigned there as well and one of the Elders already has a baptism! thats awesome! This will be a way nice learning expierence before Mexico. The Elder said they teach half and half of spanish and english so that'll be way nice. Mom: I really would love a dinner but they have told us nothing about the mission at all. All they said was get on the bus at 730 and have fun. For real. So once I get settled in there I'll tell you the address and you can perform your sneaky games to try and come find me. jaja but for now if you could just mail the stuff here to the mtc or to the mission office in sandy. I know the ups store by smiths does same day shipping to the mtc if you're there before 8 or something but whatever you can do will be great. I asked about taking investigators to the music and the spoken word and they said that's not allowed. It's out of our mission boundaries so we'd have to get permission and stuff but I'll see what I can do! I'm just so excited to see what it will be like and to just be able to talk to people and teach! Only two more days until I'm in the field!!!! crazy!!!!!
Mom you definitely need to send me those pictures though and some more of the family. I've realized I actually do have feelings and that I miss people so I want more pictures. jaja. funny
Dad you're pretty much a man not getting an injection! That's super cool jaja but I'm sorry that happened. Didn't you just barely have stitches a couple months ago?!?! jaja stop dying.
How did all the performances go for everyone?!?!?! Tell me how it was and everything.
Dad thanks a bunch for the scripture. This week I totally revised the way I do my study journal. They have this way cool binder thing here with seperate tabs and places to put pictures on the cover and stuff. I bought one because our teacher showed us his and it was awesome! Before I was just taking notes in my notebook but its so much nicer when its organized! I have it in sections of the lessons, christlike attributes, preguntas, comillas, escrituras, palabras, plus a ton of other stuff. I've been spending a bunch of time organizing everything but now its way awesome!!!! It makes studying so much cooler because everything goes in seperate places and I'll be able to use it for the rest of my life. Our teacher still uses his all the time and its so cool! I've been reading D & C a lot too. There is so much cool stuff in there to learn it's crazy!
Other than that not much has been going on. We're all just getting ready to leave! We got released as zone leaders yesterday and taught priesthood which was really cool. The lesson went very well and it was a great learning expierence. I got to talk to Dan a bunch yesterday too which was cool. He leaves to Italy in 8 days!!! That'll be such a cool mission. Jarom is still here too. Poor guy. Brazil for some reason is really bad with visas too so he has no idea. But I'm happy Ive been able to see him a bunch and talk to him. We have a couple pictures together plus a bunch of other pictures of stuff I'll probably just email next week when I figure out what actually happens in the mission field. jaja they really have told us nothing, but thats ok. We're hoping since saturday is pioneer day that we'll be able to have a bbq or something way awesome like that. We've heard that we get member dinnners every night too so I can't wait for that! I'll get fat probably but thats ok. jaja I actually want to start running again in the mornings if my companion is up for it so we'll see. Speaking of running.. my shoes ripped on the whole top. Poor guys.. Do you still have those running shoes we bought before I came here? If not Elder Scott was saying to get some turf cleats for soccer. He runs in them and plays soccer in them and he says they're great. He got his at Ross for only like 25 dollars I think!!! So just look around but you don't need to buy anything. I'll look around in Salt Lake too, but I might just want to wait until Mexico and get some really cheap ones. So we'll see. For now I can still run in them so it's ok.
So what else? We're all just so excited to start teaching and being out with people in the real world. It'll be such a nice change that we all definitely need. I don't know how Elders that have been here for 15 weeks are still alive. The MTC is so awesome but we really need to go! jaja that's probably just a sign that we need more patience. But it's ok. For some reason the Lord has blessed us with this opportunity so I'm going to go out and just talk to everyone! I'm so excited!!!!
So nothing else really. We're just going to start packing today and doing laundry and stuff. The MTC has been a way awesome experience but its time to do the real work now. I love you all very much and miss you a ton. I'll talk to you next week! FROM SALT LAKE!!!!!!!!!! jajajaja. ya i'm excited. ok love you. hasta proxima semana

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