Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hola me familia!!!

Thanks so much the package. It's so nice having all this food and stuff to eat and get fat off of. haha but seriously thanks a bunch! I did notice the ribbon. I hung it on my bed haha. Well where to start...
Life has been really nice here this week. I've realized the more i focus my energy, thoughts, actions, and studies around the Savior the easier everything else becomes. You're no longer tired, frustrated, sad, etc... Its amazing all the things you can learn just being here at the MTC. To many people get into the routines of the seemingly crappy schedule and forget why they're really here. You can learn so much when you work hard. Being here is part of the mission and is truly an amzing experience with the right attitude. For example... Elder Christofferson spoke in our devtotional Tuesday night. It was AWESOME!!! He spoke about repentance and teaching repentence. It was so cool. Big things like that are nice, but also the little things every day you realize you need to improve. When that's our goal life becomes so much nicer. When we works towards Christ everything seems like a breeze. Its already been a week since last letter!!! Time flies!!!!
Spanish is coming along a lot nicer and we keep improving on things everyday.
Thanks for you letters too.
Shayla, good job earning money! Keep learning how to work hard and I hope you did well on your recital. I miss you so much!
Savannah, Thanks so much for learning Spanish. Keep at it and we'll be able to talk when I get home. It's a very fun language. I miss you so much too. Have a very fun summer and be safe! No more catching food on fire. haha.
Matthew, Good job on scouts. That's so awesome! It's crazy how the weather has been. We got some cool pictures up by the temple on Monday with the snow. I'll send some home next week hopefully. I hope tryouts went well. We play soccer almost everyday here. Its a lot of fun. I miss you soooo much too. Keep working hard.
Rachelle, Thanks for your prayers. Good job on the therapy. Pretty soon you'll be all fixed! haha let me know how life is going. Hope you're having fun at home.
Padres, I think thats it. haha spanish is fun! Silly dad on not sending me all my candy at once. haha no i'm kidding I appreciate it. Everything is great!!! You're probably just down the street right now but once again I'm inside doing laundry. We didn't get to go to the temple today which was a huge bummer. Dumb memorial day. that was joke. It's a good holiday even though we don't get it off. But it's nice not having time off. When you work as much as we do here, even a 30 min break feels like a sin. haha but seriously...
Mother I am not able to watch Music and the Spoken Word. It's a huge bummer becuase we have priesthood right at nine!! I'll just have to wait till conference i guess. I've told everyone how cool you are though. haha, it's a bummer too though cuz i figured I'd just be able to listen to Motab if I can't watch it, but I just found out we can't listen to music. Too many dumb kids here are immature and can't handle just a few rules and so they have to make more. Oh well, it'll make me better in some way or another.
So you wanted to hear more about me campenero? He's a pretty cool kid. We have different personalities but we get along pretty nice. It's difficult having a companion all the time but its awesome being able to learn all the lessons from it. We also have a whole room to ourselves!!! So much space and an extra pillow haha.
I really have enjoyed this week and look forward to learning more. The MTC is totally necessary and I appreciate the expierence. Pretty soon I'll be out of here and in Mexico in the hottest weather ever. Quick story, So this Hermana from Puebla, Mexico came in our class the other day to bear her testimony in Spanish. After she asked where we were going and when we told her Hermosillo she strait way said, "Ahh!! Muy calor!!! Muy muy!!" "You'll lose 20 pounds!! haha so great. we're going to be in the hottest place ever.
So i've got to see all the guys here! Jarom a bunch, and Dan Gabe and Robbie a couple times. Its super cool seeing them here. I'll send pictures of everything going on here soon. Oh and if you could send me my mexican flag, refill the prescriptions, and send a record of my immunization. MMR date. another one to fax 8014220860. Thanks 20 secs AH!!!! Love you guys. BYE!!!!

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