Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guaymas, Mexico September 27

no tiempo otra vez!!!! today we´re going to some marine museum and we still have a bunch of laundry to do. It takes forever!!!! The place we do emails is a little cafe pretty close to the guys house that we do our laundry at. So at least we´ll be able to hurry but I don´t have much time for email because we still have to finish laundry, shower, change into our missionary clothes and then take a bus to the meseum in only 1 30 hr. Bah! we never have time here since we have to walk miles every where. But its ok. To answer your questions papa... I´ll take pics of our house next week to send you. But for now we actually have our own house!!! It has a little kitchen with a walk in area, then a bedroom seperated by a curtain and then a door from the bedroom part into the bathroom. When I first got here it was disgusting!!! Dirt and hair and food everywhere. But these last 2 weeks we got it all cleaned up pretty much. It´s great now. Elder Uribe is new to the area so we´re pretty much doing this blind. This area has been dead for a looooonnngggg time. Only a few converts and the ones that were baptized have gone innactive. The ward is really sketchy. Good people, but not very good at the whole church and living the gospel stuff. jaja but its ok!! We made a lot of good plans, like book of mormon reading nights, movie night, a night of skits about the book of mormon, stuff like that. We need to strengthen the ward and we´re hoping that will bring more investigators and more baptisms and more people that stay. Cuz right now we really kinda only have one investigator. We had one person with a date but that fell through. We really have nothing. It´s been hard because we just have to walk miles and miles everyday looking in the heat and we sometimes teach lessons but no one ever pays attention or nothing. This last week has been full of really hard stuff. Tuesday night we had a hurricane hit and we got stuck in it. Elder Uribe was in Hermosillo for the day at a leadership meeting and when I met up with him in the centro that night the hurricane hit. The streets were rivers in five minutes and we couldn´t make it home. So we ran to the nearest elder´s house and we had to stay the night there. The next morning we had to leave because all our clothes were still at Enrique´s house. The guy we do laundry at because last Monday we didn´t have time to finish. Luckily he had put our stuff inside but we had to run with all of it back home that morning a couple miles in the rain. It wasn´t as hard the Wednesday morning but we still got soaked again. We both got sick from all the rain and not having any dry clothes. Then on top of that from all the wetness and running a bunch I got huge blisters on my feet. Wednesday afternoon I couldn´t even walk but Elder Uribe gave me a blessing and I gave him one and by Friday I was able to walk fine and we both mostly got over our sicknesses. But it´s been really rough. My clothes were all muddy and ruined but we worked this morning to clean everything up and now our house looks really good and my clothes are mostly clean except for the stuff that I still ahve to do. It was really hard during all of this, but I´m grateful now. I´ve learned trials are good because we learn stuff and it also means the Lord loves us enough that he wants us to grow. We fasted yesterday to start having success but no one showed up to church. We litterally have nothing right now. But we´re praying for success, and I´m praying to know spanish. Crazy crazy Mexico... jaja but I´m glad to hear everything has been good with you guys. I didn´t ahve much time to read all of your emails but I will next week if we have time. Always going here!!! never time for anything. jaja
So this week has been hard. Mexico is still hot but definitely cooling down. In a couple more weeks it should be to the point where we only sweat a little bit. jaja spanish is coming along better now. I can talk to people a little more and can teach a couple principles in the lesson. It´ll come though. The next couple weeks are going to be good. We´re going to start having more success, I´m going to know more spanish, it won´t be so hot anymore.. jaja but I´m happy now and am grateful for the opportunity to be here.
So the address here is
Elder Eric M Florence
Av. García Conde #301
Col. Pitic
Hermosillo, Sonora
C.P. 83150
I don´t know when any meetings are but thats the address to send packages and letters, but I don´t know when I´d be able to pick them up.
Also I don´t know if I´ll be able to watch conference. President made it a rule only the Priesthood session and Sunday morning, but if we have investigators to go we can go to the other ones. So pray we ahve success this week so I can watch them. He made it a rule cuz Elders used the 2 days not to watch, but just waste time. But I want to see you sing, so pray we get to go!!!!!!!
That´s about it for this week I guess. We have to go but I´ll attach some pictures. I love you guys.
Elder Florence

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